*tries to get eight hours sleep in 3 hours*

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suikka said: ツ♛♪

ツ - any pets?

- I have a cat, her name is Muusa she’s the most cutest screaming fluff ball i’ve ever seen hahah

♛ - favorite hair color? 

- for some reason i like dark brown hair very much

♪ - music you like? 

- I like mostly acoustic music but i listen to pop music too!

Thank youuu 。◕‿◕。 !

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shinnnju said: ❣ ❦ ✿

❣ - how would it be your ideal date? 

- i understand this as what would be my ideal date? hmmmmm i would love to go to Suomenlinna! I was there on sunday and it was so pretty, and if my date and i would walk around there and maybe go to a cafe it would be very cute yes!

❦-.fave characters?

- one word. slAine. seriously what a babe (it will be a 1348934km long list if i put all my fave characters here so you just have to bear with this one snaile)

✿ - fave kind of clothing?

- umm i really fell in love with this one pencil leather skirt which i bought from ebay a while ago, it hasn’t arrived yet but i have been drooling it for some time now (▰˘◡˘▰) i hope it’s nice!

Thaank youu cutie



Anonymous said: ‼ ☿ ☂

‼ - real name? 

- My name is Elli

☿ - zodiac sign?

- I’m Aries

☂ - favorite season?

- propably the end of spring?

Thank youu anon! (❀◦‿◦)

Anonymous said: ✐

✐ - fave types of movies? 

- aaa if this is about which genre i like the most then hmmm i like horror movies at some point but when i have seen one i regret it deeply but still enjoy them aghg weird right? i also like adventure movies (•‿•)

Thank you sweet anon!